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By: Studio Folklore

A couple of years ago I started experimenting with natural dyes to give natural colour to my macramé yarn and make my pieces more unique and special. Since then natural dyeing has been an exciting, eye-opening journey that now allows me to dye my own garments and textiles with beautiful natural colours that don't hurt the planet or anyone else.

I've decided to put together this online workshop and share with you what I've learned about this amazing and rewarding craft, so you can DIY :)

In this e-workshop, you will learn the basic concepts of natural dyeing and all the necessary steps to achieve long-lasting results through short video tutorials and a live class via zoom.

The workshop includes:

  • Lifetime access to a series of five video tutorials, that will take you step by stepthrough the dyeing process.

  • A PDF with all the recipes and resources that you will need to keep experimenting on your own.

  • Free access to a live class via Zoom, where I'll show you the process and answer all your questions about the dyeing process. 

  • Four different swatches of fabric (wool, silk, linen and cotton) and a retro net bag, that you will dye yourself and will become your wearable graduation project.

  • Mordants and dyestuff already weighed and ready to use. You can choose between; onion skins, pomegranate peel or walnut husks. 

  • Iron crystals to learn how to modify the colours and get a larger palette.

  • Your first wooden spoon.

  • A little notebook to create your first journal for your samples.

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